Sweet Cheeks 200 fan GIVEAWAY

Sunday, December 5, 2010 1:58 PM Posted by Sweet Cheeks Gifts
Hey everyone! This inaugural entry is to welcome everybody aboard, and to jump right into one of our favorite things.........GIVEAWAYS!!! As you know, we WAHM's love to give stuff away, and usually do this over on our FB pages. But, due to some new rules and regs (http://www.facebook.com/promotions_guidelines.php), we're having to change things up a bit. (You may know a WAHM you should warn)

As you may know, I recently switched FB accounts, and to recover my wonderful fans I lost (waahhh), started the 100's giveaway. I'll be giving away an Earflap Beanie at 100, 200, 300 & 400 fans. We're now almost to the 200 mark, so another hat is up for grabs soon, and here's where your part comes in. Previously you just had to be a fan to be entered, but now that's not allowed.....I know!.....you have to acknowledge that you WANT to be entered in the giveaway, and you can't do it on Facebook.

-Comment on this blog BELOW
-You CAN still earn extra entries for referrals. Direct friends to this blog. They must 'like' me on FB, then comment BELOW. Tell them how you want to be ID'd.
-All previous rollover extra entries will still be counted. You don't need to do anything.

*****WINNERS will be announced here on my blog. I will post a link on my Facebook page, but won't name names.*******

Bear with me as I work out the kinks. Feel free to smack me around if I forgot something, or said something that just doesn't make a lick of sense! =D

UPDATE 12/5/10: You do NOT have to use your full name when you comment ("Erin M."). If you're commenting through blogger or any other account with an email attached, I should be able to contact you that way. Bottom line, don't give out any info you don't feel comfortable with. We'll work out any kinks as we go. =)

5 Response to "Sweet Cheeks 200 fan GIVEAWAY"

  1. Michelle Clements Says:

    Blogs blogs blogs lol well lets hope this works. Otherwise one of these WAHM's should create a site like FB and myspace.

  2. Sweet Cheeks Gifts Says:

    That's what I was thinking!! If only we had the time....... lol

  3. khaymax Says:

    I'm in! :)

    Facebook name: Katie Wickham Phillips

  4. Priscilla Says:

    I'm a follower!


  5. Sweet Cheeks Gifts Says:

    I so just got my giveaway wires crossed. Too many at one time! I'll add these entries to the ones I posted on my FB page http://www.facebook.com/sweetcheeksgiftstore One entry per person =)

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