FLASH GIVEAWAYS #1: Candy Corn Beanie

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 6:10 PM Posted by Sweet Cheeks Gifts
Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a few items I've worked up recently, and they need to find new homes, sooooooo, let's have a flash giveaway!

The first 3 are a random collection of hats I've made when trying a new pattern. This is why I most often give away baby sizes. I work up the small sizes in case the pattern is a bust, saving me time and yarn. There is one in there for bigger boys today.

AND, because not all of my wonderful fans have a newborn, or a boy, I'm throwing in a few extra-special extras!! YAY!! One lucky winner will receive ANY child-sized hat of their choice. See what I have to offer here in my shop http://sweetcheeksgiftstore.etsy.com Also, somebody who was planning their Sweet Cheeks order will receive a coupon for either 10% or FREE shipping (whichever is higher).

Up for grabs are the following:

1 Candy Corn Beanie (0-3mos)
1 Frog Beanie (3-6mos)
1 Boys Striped Beanie (4-7yrs)
1 Any Baby/Child Hat (your choice)
1 Coupon for 10% off OR FREE Shipping (your choice)

There is a widget beneath EACH item. You must enter all 4 if you want a chance to win all 4. It's very quick and easy to enter. Good luck! Post any questions below.

Candy Corn Beanie (0-3mos)


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